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The Case For Gold…

Posted by sam222 on December 28, 2008

There is an oncoming dollar crash. The facts speak for themselves. America chooses to elect the democrat party who are poised to tax and spend and bailout as far as the eye can see not to mention many fake republicans who will also be their to help them. For over 80 years the government has been accruing obligations that are coming due. The first wave of baby boomers are set to retire this year tapping into medicare expenditures that frankly the government does not have money to pay for. They will print it! The government is now set with the willingness of the people to start the new deal times fifty. Haven’t you heard it. We just need to spend and stimulate to get this economy moving that will do the trick. No the trick will be inflation with more money competing after the same goods and services. That means inflation. Ben Bernanke fed reserve chairman came out last month to say  we are going to do quantum easing. Thoes two words don’t mean much to most  Americans  they are in code. Code for we are going to print money as much as we need. We are going to create money out of thin air.  

See Videos The Federal Reserve Scam , The Federal-Reserve-Scam-2

If you think what the fed is doing is good you must first understand what the fed is. It is not federal or part of the government and it is not good. It inflates a fiat dollar and steals wealth from the American people. Most Americans have no clue. It is the biggest rip off in history enron times a million.

Fact: The Federal Reserve is a private bank and not part of the government.

Fact: The Federal Reserves meetings are done in secret and congress has no oversight on the Federal Reserve Bank.

Fact: The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 when big banking interest caused a run on banks spreading false rumors. Legislation was then passed. 

Fact: The Federal Reserve had a big role in creating the great depression by tighten credit and causing a stock market crash. Many think it was to get rid of the thousands of small local banks of that time that they detested. 

Fact: When The Federal Reserve was created the dollar was worth 1 dollar and backed by gold. Now the dollar is worth 4 cents of the former value backed by nothing.

Fact: The Federal Reserve can make money out of thin air since the dollar is now backed by nothing. That’s right nothing the dollar is only paper and the fed creates them at will buying treasury notes and charging the taxpayers interest on the money the government borrows that it creates out of thin air.

 Fact: The Federal Reserve causes inflation by putting more dollars in circulation thus having more money competing for the same goods and services.

 Fact: The Federal Reserve is a legalized counterfeiting operation.


Reaction to the dollar after fed quantum easing comment.


So, it comes to this.  The Fed announced the most anticipated rate cut in history; though some didn’t expect 75-100 bps based on the ecstasy on Wall St after the announcement. This move brings the Fed to the end of Stage One in its battle to save the world from the aftereffects of the credit bubble. The Fed can’t cut rates any farther and, based on where short term Treasuries have been trading lately, this move just made official what the market had already priced in. A big upward move in the main US equity in dices notwithstanding this was hardly a shocker. The other group that reacted with equal vigor was the currency traders. With the move the Euro and Yen have had the past couple of weeks it would not have been a surprise to see a bit of consolidation in the wake of the latest Fed rate cut.  It wasn’t to be however. Both currencies had 2% plus moves immediately after and both have moved higher still against the Dollar since. The chart below shows just how strong the downward move in the dollar index has been. It’s fallen off a cliff. We can’t see how the most rabid Dollar bulls could look at this chart and see an uptrend.  For now at least the Dollar surge is over.

Ben’s Quant Fund – by Eric and David Coffin , Dec 18 2008 1:30PM

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Gold poised to rise again
Posted: 22 Dec 2008 – | With the global economy concerned about dollar weakness, gold could make a renewed surge again.

Gold raises its head again
Posted: 11 Dec 2008 – | Gold shares are rising, but juniors are still in the doldrums with AngloGold Ashanti leader of the blue-chip pack.

All Sterling Needs.. – by David Bond , Dec 23 2008 2:25PM

Gold at $900 in first half 2009
Posted: 26 Nov 2008 – | Investment demand will drive the gold price for the remainder of this year and into next, with $900/z seen on the cards for the first half of 2009.

Comex gold to consolidate, rise – Hindu Business Line, Dec 28 2008 2:50PM

Our 2009 Predictions– by Roger Wiegand , Dec 22 2008 1:23PM

Gold coins outshine gold shares
Posted: 09 Jun 2008 – | South African Krugerrands are an investment that has grown 412% since 2000, completely overshadowing gold miners’ shares, write Alan Demby, the executive chairman of the South African Gold Coin Exchange.


Does anyone care to compare gold’s performance over ten years to the stock market, real estate, bond’s or any other asset class?



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