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666 in all UPC barcodes

Posted by sam222 on December 23, 2008

What about barcodes and 666: The Mark of the Beast?

These Human Readable (HR) numbers are printed so a “human” can easily read the barcode, if necessary. Number System Character: This number is a UPC system
To see the 666 sequence in a UPC bar-code, find a retail item with at least …. Only after finding this number can it go on to read the rest of the code!

3 Responses to “666 in all UPC barcodes”

  1. Jerry said

    No, no, no. There never has been nor will there ever be “666” in UPC barcodes. This urban myth simply won’t die.

    I’ve written a web page that addresses this very issue: http://www.jetcityorange.com/barcodes/666/

    Nice try.

  2. sam222 said

    Is the number 666 TRUTHFULLY “hidden” in the UPC barcode?

    Technically, no it is not.

    Here’s the “technical” truth. . .

    The number 6 and the three guard bars are NOT the same. They do “appear” to be identical, but they are different.

    Technically, from a computer’s perspective the number “666” is NOT in the UPC barcode. . . but from a human’s perspective — YES, the “appearance” of 666 is there!

    A web page that addresses this very issue:

  3. jake said

    You people are blinded by societys attempt to cover up the real truth.

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