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Obama and Resco…

Posted by sam222 on December 17, 2008

Imagine if a U.S. president regularly palled around with a wise guy like Tony Soprano.

I don’t think the American people would stand for having that man as president, no matter how much Chris Matthews says the man puts a “thrill up my leg.”

Obama was not just an associate of Rezko, he was a close friend. Obama has admitted as such.

In fact, Obama admitted that Rezko introduced him to Chicago politics. Obama was Rezko’s protégé.
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One Response to “Obama and Resco…”

  1. jonolan said

    Yes, and the enemies of America – who we sadly allow to live and vote – elected him as President. There’s little we can do at this point without going against the process the believe in.

    I guess sometimes you have to the patient – America in this case – die with what dignity remains to it.

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