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Federal reserve bank. What is it?

Posted by sam222 on December 17, 2008

Federal reserve bank. What is it? What does it do?
Few Americans know.

Current US National Debt at time of this posting $10,660,992,467,292.52 (10.6 trillion bucks). $34,000 for every American, increasing at $10000 per second, or 3.8 billion dollars a day (google “national debt clock” and refresh your browser to see it climb). If this were a single large stack of 1 dollar bills all put on a football field, the stack would be 22 feet deep across the entire football field. This is the legacy of current gov and fed policies.


One Response to “Federal reserve bank. What is it?”

  1. Anna N. said

    The Central Reserve Banks of the world want to control the money supply. I fear what they are up to is to try to create a one world currency.

    I believe they sabotaged the 08 election with a false scheme of a credit freeze if we don’t get 700 billion today. the fact of the matter is the credit markets did not freeze but it worked for them to got Obama and the Democrats in who are no doubt going to run the national dept amuck causing hiper inflation.

    After that The Central Reserve Banks will step in and say we can fix this we just need to create a one world currency. There plan from the beginning.

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